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Emotional Effects of Acne

Emotional Effects of Acne

Most teenagers get acne. But majority of those who get acne begin looking at themselves negatively.

They get thoughts such as:
- Nobody will want to date me.
- Others may think, I look ugly.
- Are my friends trying to avoid me?
- Will I be able to stand in a crowd and talk?
- Should I remain indoors most of the times?
- Why did I get acne?
- How do I cure acne in a day?
- Let me look in the mirror and find out if acne is increasing.
- Let me pop all acne out with my fingers now.

These and many other such ideas come in their mind when they get acne. For some people, acne becomes the center of existence. Somehow acne inflicts more emotional damage on a person than physical damage. What should be done?

If you have acne, remember the following:
- Most people get acne when they are teenagers. Most of the world leaders and celebrities also had acne.
- Acne goes after some period. It is not for life.
- Popping acne will not cure it but cause scars on the skin.
- There is no magic cure for acne.
- You are not a failure because you have acne.
- Your friends do not think of you as an ugly person.
- You should not hesitate asking someone for a date if you have acne. Rather you should ask more.
- Acne will not get cured if you look into the mirror every hour.
- You need to be patient and focus on other things than acne. You must remember that stress will cause more of acne.

Do not let these small spots occupy all your thoughts. Do not think that you are carrying your diseases right on your face. Sometimes one feels that the world is only concerned about how one looks, but that is not true.

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