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Genital Herpes: What Is Prodrome Phase?

Genital Herpes: What Is Prodrome Phase?

Genital herpes is episodic. After the virus enters the body, it multiplies and herpes breaks out. This is the first episode of herpes. After the first episode, the virus becomes dormant and further outbreaks occur when the virus become active again. These are called recurring episodes. Prodrome occurs before recurring episodes. A day or two before an outbreak occurs; the genital skin gets sensations such as itching, tingling or pain. This period is called prodrome phase. If you keep aware of the prodrome phase and begin medication then itself, you can reduce the intensity of the outbreak substantially.

The skin also sheds virus during this phase. Therefore it is important to have no sexual relation during this period. If your partner has herpes, ask them to keep you informed about their prodrome phase.

Article updated on: May 26, 2008

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