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Acne: Mechanica

Acne Mechanica

Acne Mechanica is the acne that develops when skin is under pressure, is undergoing friction, is covered tightly or is exposed to heat.

Some situations when Acne Mechanica may form are-

Tight clothing that rubs against the skin, Synthetic clothing that does not allow skin to breathe, Pressure of backpacks.

Some examples of such pressure that may cause acne mechanica are-

Soldiers carrying heavy loads on the back, people carrying backpacks, athletes wearing a tight headband, women wearing bras with tight straps etc. Any situation during which the skin is tightly covered with cloth, rubbed and pressurized makes it vulnerable to acne mechanica. For example- people who wear very tight clothes made of synthetic material may get acne mechanica.

Who are more prone to acne mechanica?

Those who have a tendency to develop body acne are more prone to acne mechanica. Those with very small comedones are prone to it. When these small comedones are subjected to mechanical pressure and friction, they flare up as acne mechanica.

The treatment of acne mechanica is similar to that of Acne vulgaris. To learn more about acne treatments, click here - Acne Treatments.

To Avoid Acne Mechanica-

  • Wear loose fitting cotton clothing,
  • Avoid headbands,
  • Avoid constant pressure on the skin by any object,
  • Keep skin clean of perspiration.
  • Wearing cotton clothes that breathe under your regular clothes may help.
  • Washing yourself thoroughly after removing the irritating baggage/object may help.

Article created on: August 19, 2006

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