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Lips Problems

Reasons For Lip Problems

We all love to have beautiful and healthy lips. Lip problems not only mar the looks but also cause eating discomfort. Let us find out about the common lip problems and how to treat them.

Cold Sores
f you are infected with Herpes virus type HSV1, you may get a flare-up in herpes on the lips with sun exposure, a local irritant (food or drink) or reduced body resistance due to any illness. Cold sores may cause lot of pain and need to be treated with anti-viral medicine. There is no permanent cure for Cold Sores. Read more on cold sores.

Psoriasis can cause dry, flaking lips. Because of Psoriasis, any cut that occurs on lips takes longer time to heal. The lip skin may become darker over the years and lose luster. Topical steroids are commonly used to treat Psoriasis on lips. Read more on Psoriasis.

Oral Lichen Planus
Lichen Planus is an autoimmune disease that occurs on the inner cheeks of the mouth as white strips and dots. It may take more than a year to resolve. Lichen Planus can also affect lips. Your doctor may prescribe a steroid or other ointment to be applied on the lips. Please avoid any self-treatment if you have Lichen Planus. Read more on Lichen Planus.

Excess Vitamin A
Excess of Vitamin A in any form (food or medication) can cause cracked dry lips. This is also called Vitamin A poisoning. Stop excess intake and the problem will get resolved.

Sometimes referred to as cheilosis, or angular stomatitis, perleche is a series of lesions or cracks in the corners of the mouth. Because of the position of the cracks, perleche can be a source of constant pain, with the discomfort enhanced when attempting to eat or drink, or even carry on a conversation. Left untreated, perleche can progress to a point that the cracks or lesions begin to bleed, and may even form into infected ulcers.

Yeast infection, diabetes, HIV or use of oral steroids or antibiotics may cause it. Your doctor may give you an oral solution to treat this problem.

Allergic Dermatitis
Lips may develop eczema because of allergic reaction to cosmetic ingredients, food, toothpaste, etc and that causes chapped lips.

Sun damages lip skin. If not protected with sunscreens, lips may develop pre-cancerous condition called Leukoplakia. Leukoplakia of the lips appears as white, thin patches on the lips. It is a pre-cancerous condition of the lips caused by sun damage. Leukoplakia needs to be removed surgically or with liquid nitrogen.

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