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Syphilis: Phases Of Development

Phases Of Development Of Syphilis

Syphilis develops in phases. The first phase is called the primary phase. The second stage is called the secondary stage and the third stage is called the latent stage. The first appearance of the infection is seen in ten to ninety days. The average span is twenty-one days. This is the first phase after getting infected. This stage will last from a month to two and you will see healing with or without any treatment. During the first stage, firm red papules that are painless, form on the genitals or the anus. If the papules, that are called chancre, form inside the vagina or the anus, they may go unnoticed. As the disease shows no outward signs after the first phase, many patients fail to notice it. If you notice any red, painless small bumps on your genitals, contact your doctor immediately and get treated as soon as possible. You will be free of the disease after the first phase itself.

Second stage:
If the condition is left untreated or if the treatment fails to eradicate the bacteria completely, syphilis enters the second stage called secondary phase. This phase normally occurs between three weeks to three months after the first stage. In the second stage, the patient develops rashes mostly on the palms or soles. These rashes, that look red or reddish brown, may be subtle and may go unnoticed or may be taken as something else. These rashes may not only form on palms and soles but anywhere on the body. The rashes may be accompanied by other symptoms such as red and raw patches in genital area, mouth, throat, anus, etc. Fever, ache in joints, muscles pains, etc., may be present in the second phase. If you notice these signs, consult with your doctor immediately. Even if you don't get treated for syphilis in the second stage, the symptoms of the second stage will resolve, but the untreated bacteria will remain in your body in a latent state. This can cause the latent stage of syphilis, which is very dangerous.

Latent Stage:
The signs of the tertiary stage develop any time within three to ten years of the initial contact with syphilis. This stage causes widespread damage to the body. The organs involved include liver, heart, eyes, bones, joints, blood vessels and brain. The internal damage may not show for a few years. After some years, the patient may notice paralysis, numbness, dementia and difficulty in muscle coordination. If no steps are taken to treat, the final result may be death.

Article created on: July 07, 2006

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