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Perspiration: Facts

Facts About Perspiration & Body Odor

  • Excess perspiration is not the cause of odor. Odor is caused by reaction of sweat with bacteria.
  • Using anti-bacterial soaps can control the body odor. Sweat should be wiped off as often as possible to avoid bacteria developing.
  • Clothes with sweat should not be be worn again after drying. The dried sweat may cause odor.
  • Many treatments are available to reduce perspiration. Read more about treatments for excess perspiration.
  • Some medicines and caffeine drinks may cause excess sweating.
  • Some foods change the odor of sweat.
  • Excess sweating may be a hereditary cause.
  • Sweat in the armpits, genitals is different from normal body sweat. Read more about sweating.
  • Anti-perspirants should be used on dry skin.
  • Very less perspiration also causes health problems.
  • Sweat has no relation to acne production.

Article created on: September 11, 2006

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