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Excess Sweating: Overview

Do You Sweat Excessively?

If you feel that you sweat excessively, consult your doctor and find out. There is no measurement of normal sweating. So each one of you has to find out if you are sweating excessively, normally or very less. If excess perspiration is your problem, find out more about it below. Note that excessive sweating may be of two types. In the first instance, your body naturally sweats more and in the second instance, you sweat more because of some conditions and diseases. The first condition is called primary hyperhidrosis and the second one is called secondary hyperhidrosis. In primary hyperhidrosis, excess sweating occurs mostly on hands, feet, and armpits.

Consult your doctor if you suddenly break into cold sweat. That may be emotional in origin or physical. Similarly if you find a sudden change in body odor, you should tell your doctor about that. You may suffer some problems if you sweat excessively compared to others. Your toenails may develop fungal infections. Athlete's foot may be another problem, as may be jock itch. For primary hyperhidrosis, many treatments are available that can control the sweat within acceptable limits. Keep yourself clean and dry all the time to maintain good hygiene.

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Excess Sweating

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