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Oil Blotting Papers:
Use of oil blotting papers significantly reduces the surface oil on the skin. As these papers work only on the surface of the skin, they will not stop more oil production as may be wrongly believed by some.

Topical retinoids reduce oils and also dry the skin. Talk to your doctor about which topical retinoid will help you. You will also get many combinations of retinoids with AHAs and Vitamin C.

Glycolic acid helps exfoliate the dead skin cells. With that, it also removes excess oils on the skin. Look for glycolic acid and other AHA products.

Use of isotretinoin is not recommended for oily skin. It is a very good medicine for inflamed cystic acne, but may not be very useful in removing excess oils. Consult your doctor about this.

Talk to your doctor and find out if you can take oral anti-androgens to control sebum production.

Use non-comedogenic and oil-free cosmetics. Use specially formulated cleansers, astringents and toners for oily skin.

Don't wash your face very often to remove oils. Washing twice should be enough to remove excess oil. Treating skin harshly may damage the skin.

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