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Oily Skin: Facts

Facts About Oily Skin

  • Oily skin is caused by excess sebum produced by sebaceous glands. This problem can be because of heredity or hormonal changes.
  • Removing oil from top of the skin does not increase oil production. You can use any product safely to remove oils.
  • Facial oils that blot the oil, do not reduce sebum production.
  • People with oily skin develop wrinkles later than those with dry skin.
  • Oil should not be removed totally from the skin. Oil with sweat creates the acid mantle which creates a barrier for the bacteria.
  • Isotretinoin is not a cure for oily skin.
  • Retinoids can reduce oily skin problem substantially.
  • Glycolic and salicylic acid- AHA and BHA do not reduce oil production, but peel off the dead skin layer and remove the oils present.

Article created on: September 11, 2006

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