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Cosmetics: Tips To Choose Cosmetics

Tips To Choose Cosmetics

You may have sensitive skin. Or you may want to use cosmetics that have minimum potential of causing irritation. Here is a brief guide about choosing cosmetics for that.

  • Avoid cosmetics that need solvents for removal. Cosmetics labeled waterproof cannot be washed away with water. They need solvents for removal and that may cause sensitivity. Moreover, solvents also dissolve the natural skin oil- sebum that protects skin from drying and from microbes. The skin gets dry with use of solvents.
  • Any product that may contain latex should be avoided. Latex may cause allergies. Liquid eyeliners may contain latex. Make sure before you buy a product that does not contain latex.
  • Avoid chemical based sunscreens. Use physical blockers. Chemical based sunscreens can cause allergies. Moreover, many users of chemical based sunscreens feel heat, because the sunscreen absorbs UV rays. The physical blockers deflect the sunrays and don't get absorbed by the skin.
  • Use less liquid cosmetics and more powder cosmetics. Powder cosmetics contain lesser preservatives compared to the liquid variety. The probability of irritation is reduced.
  • Throw away old brushes etc. Till you use them, keep them clean. Throw away cosmetics after they expire, start smelling bad, change color or look. If you feel that a cosmetic has turned bad, stop using it and throw it away.

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