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Cosmetics: Irritation-Common Cosmetics

Irritation-Common Cosmetics

Soaps, cleansers and shampoos:
These common products may sometimes cause allergic reaction. The perfumes used in these products are the main culprits. These products especially affect those with sensitive skin. If you have any allergy to perfumes, use perfume-free products. Products designed for children are the safest for use by sensitive skin individuals.

These may contain compounds of aluminum, which may cause allergy.

They contain solvents and chemicals that can cause reaction. It is better to use deodorants on clothes and put on the clothes after the deodorant has dried out. If you have allergy to perfumes, this is the best way to see yourself.

Hair Preparations:
These include hair lotions, creams, gels, lacquers, detergents, dyes, fragrances and other products that may contain chemicals that may cause allergic reactions. Some of these products may also cause phototoxic reactions.

Eye Cosmetics:
Mascara and eyebrow pencils contain dyes, alcohol, etc. They may cause allergies or irritation on contact.

Nail Cosmetics:
Nail cosmetics include nail polishes and nail color removers. They contain alcohol and colors (dyes) that may produce different reactions.

Lip Cosmetics:
These include lip-gloss, lipsticks, etc. They contain dyes and other chemicals that may cause allergy.

Skin Cosmetics:
Face creams and other preparations such as body moisturizers can contain dyes, etc. These can cause an allergy or irritation on contact. Lanolin used in many moisturizers can cause allergy.

Astringents are used to remove oil from the face. Most of them contain alcohol and other ingredients such as salicylic acid, etc. Some of these ingredients can irritate sensitive and dry skin.


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