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Cosmetics: Ingredients Causing Dermatitis

Ingredients Causing Dermatitis

A cosmetic or skin care product may contain many ingredients. The main ingredient is the vehicle that forms the base of the product. Many other chemicals, dyes, fragrances, natural products are added to make a color cosmetic or a skin care product. Many of these products can cause allergic contact dermatitis or irritant contact dermatitis. Fragrances and preservatives are the most common dermatitis causing agents. Every individual has his/her tendency to be allergic or get irritant contact dermatitis from every material. The material, which is safe for you, may cause a reaction in others.

Though many products are labeled as hypoallergenic, they may cause allergy in many people. Read more about hypoallergenic products here. Terms such as unscented, fragrance-free etc. have no meaning because some fragrance may have been used to mask bad odor of other ingredients. Many natural products carry their own fragrance. Many lavender preparations may have no fragrance, but lavender itself is a fragrance. Natural products also cause allergy, so do chemicals. Most of the essential oils of the lime family are phototoxic. If you use them and walk out in the sun, you will get phototoxic reaction on your skin.

Any time you get a reaction from a product, stop using that. Try to find out the ingredients that cause dermatitis in you and avoid any other product that uses the same ingredient. One should use any cosmetic or skin care preparation only after doing a small test on the skin first.

Don't use any product that begins smelling bad. Avoid sharing your personal care products and cosmetics, discard a product if it is very old or has changed in color. Any suspicion that a product may have got spoiled should make you throw it away. Use cosmetics with clean hands and keep the products in a clean place away from direct sunlight.


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