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Warts: Removal

Removal Of Warts

Warts occur because of a virus called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Medical science hasn't yet produced a medicine that can be applied topically or taken orally to kill this virus and remove warts. The only method is to physically remove the warts or teach the body's immune system that warts are foreign or diseased bodies and should be destroyed. In children, most of the warts may go away without any treatment, but the same is difficult in adults. If you leave the wart without treatment, there are two possibilities- either it will go away or new warts will appear. You should talk about this with your doctor and decide. You should try to avoid getting infection from public places such as showers or locker rooms by wearing footwear.

Warts Removal:
Doctors use many methods to remove warts. Using chemicals to dissolve the wart slowly is one of the popular methods. In this case, chemicals such as salicylic acid are used. Your doctor may also treat and remove the warts with nitrogen freezing. In this method, the doctor applies liquid nitrogen which has very low temperature, on the warts and that dissolves the wart slowly. This treatment may be repeated considering how many warts you have. The other method is removing warts using electric surgery. Some other methods such as injections of bleomycin may be used, but they are not common. Laser is also used to effectively remove the warts. You should talk about all the possible treatments with your doctor. Even after removing the wart, there is no assurance that another will not come up. The only way is to remove the new growth as soon as possible.

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