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Nail Fungus: Treatment


In fungal infection, topical applications don't work effectively though they may be used at the early stages. Topical treatment will work only if the infection is near the edge of the nail, where the medication can reach it. The best method is to take anti-fungal medication by mouth. Griseofulvin, terbinafine and other medications are used to treat the infection. Your doctor will decide the dosage and select the medication for you. Some of the oral medications used for treatment of fungal infections cannot be used in pregnancy. Similarly, patient may need monitoring in other medications. Some of the medications are avoided if the patient has history of hepatitis. Doctors also surgically remove the nail, if it becomes very thick and if the Doctors feel that medication will not work.

Don't assume that as soon as the nail is free of infection, it will get its earlier look back. Unless a new nail grows in its place and the old nail does not get removed totally, you will not find results. You will always see quicker results in fingernails than toenails.

Article created on: July 01, 2006

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