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Melasma: Why It Develops?

Why Melasma Develops?

Melasma is the result of overactive melanocytes that produce melanin (the skin color pigment). Melanocytes get activated by pregnancy, sun exposure, some hormones, (especially by) birth control pills, etc. As they get activated, they produce more melanin and you can see that as a brown colored patch of pigmentation. Once melasma forms it takes time to go. With repeated pregnancies, it may remain for a longer time. Melasma can also develop due to phototoxic reaction of some products you use on your skin. Commonly these products will not produce any melasma, but once your skin is exposed to sun, the phototoxic reaction takes place and pigmentation forms slowly. Some women who are otherwise not on pills may also develop melasma because of hormonal imbalance.

Article created on: June 27, 2006

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