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Eczema: Can You Stop It Before It Strikes You?

Can You Stop It Before It Strikes You?

Those who suffer from atopic dermatitis (or eczema as it is commonly called) suffer a lot. In this article, when we refer to eczema, we are referring to atopic dermatitis. Though there are many other types of eczema, atopic dermatitis is the most common and severe form of eczema. Whenever this type of eczema flares up, medications and anti-itching measures are used to treat it. Why not stop this eczema? Can we do that? Let us discuss.

What is Eczema?
Eczema is a hereditary condition. It is not a contagious disease. Any bacteria or virus does not cause it. Those who get eczema are born with the gene that causes eczema. The tendency to get eczema is with a person in the body and unless someone manipulates the gene that is responsible, the person will suffer eczema for lifetime. What can be done to stop eczema then? Learn more about the causes here- Click Here

When does one get eczema?
One gets eczema when it is triggered. Unless that trigger is present, eczema will not appear. Imagine a big dam. It may have lot of water, but unless you open the valve, the dam will not release water. With eczema, it is something similar. Unless you trigger it, it will not affect you. In some cases, it is said to appear without any trigger. But those cases also might have been having unknown triggers. The common triggers are some foods, itchy clothing, heat, sweating, dust mites, stress, soaps, other skin care products, etc. It is for you to identify your trigger. Everybody has his/her own trigger/triggers. It need not be a common trigger. It can be different. You have to identify the relationship between eczema and the trigger. It is like whenever you drink milk you get eczema. Or whenever you are under stress, you get eczema. Know more about how eczema is triggered- Click Here

Can you stop getting eczema?
You can try to stop eczema appearing or at least reduce its frequency. Once you identify the triggers, you have to block them. If you block the triggers, it will be very difficult for eczema to flare up.

Article created on: August 7, 2006

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