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Collagen: Facts

Facts About Collagen

  • Not everyone is a suitable candidate for getting collagen injected. Your doctor will decide if you can get injected with collagen for skin rejuvenation. You may be advised against collagen injections if you are allergic to local anesthesia.
  • Bovine collagen can sometimes cause allergic reaction. This is rare, but it can happen.
  • Collagen gets absorbed by the body over a few months. You may have to get the injection repeated.
  • You can also ask your doctor about any product that boosts collagen production in the dermis, example - vitamin c. But it is a highly unstable compound and use of topical vitamin c should be done only after carefully researching the product.
  • Formulations containing collagen, meant to be applied over the skin, do not work. Skin does not allow collagen to enter the epidermis.

Article created on: August 02, 2006

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