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Perspiration and body odor have been of much concern for people who wish to present a beautiful body. It is important to note that deodorants and anti-perspirants are not the same. Deodorants hide the smell with fragrance. They don't dry the perspiration at all. They also don't prevent the skin from perspiring. Deodorants will not keep you dry. They will make you feel good with their fragrance and hide body odor.

For keeping yourself dry, you have to use anti-perspirants. An anti-perspirant blocks the sweat ducts and does not allow the sweat from reaching the skin surface. Aluminum chloride has been a choice ingredient in anti-perspirants. Many new aluminum compounds are now being used as active ingredients in anti-perspirants and the newest is Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Glycine.

The ideal anti-perspirant should be water soluble, free of any fragrance and contain ingredients that are not normally allergy forming. The areas where anti-perspirants are usually applied, such as under-arms, are moist and warm. As these areas have many layers of skin with a thin epidermis, the ideal anti-perspirant should be highly non-irritating for most users. It should also not leave any deposit after drying.

If you have any allergy to fragrances, dyes, use anti-perspirants with care. Diabetics should use these products after consulting their doctor. If you have sensitive skin or have tendency for eczema, consult your doctor before using anti-perspirants.

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