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Know Your Nails: Nail Geography

Nail Geography

Nails are made of keratin, the protein that also makes most of the skin and hair. Keratin is a protein. In case of nails, it gets hardened. The cells in our fingers and toes produce the nails.

Let us find out about different parts of a nail. They are: nail plate, cuticles, nail bed, nail folds, matrix and lunula. Nail plate is what we see as the nail. Cuticle is made of tissues and overlaps the nail plate at the base. Nail bed is the skin that is below the nail plate. When you hurt your nail, the nail bed gives you the pain. Nail folds is the skin that covers the nail on all the three sides. Matrix is below the cuticles. The nail grows from the matrix. Lunula is the whitish half moon you see at the base of every nail.


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