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Wrinkles: How Do They Form?

How Wrinkles Form?

As you know, our skin is made of three layers - the epidermis, the dermis and the underlying fat layer. As we grow, the skin deteriorates and loses its youth because of genetic programming. This programming also makes our hair white and makes our teeth fall as we age. We cannot stop this genetic change. Sun damage takes toll of the skin and the skin ages much faster because of that. Two persons of same age may have skin with different aging. One who has moved around in the sun freely will show much more damage on the skin compared to one who has protected his/her skin from sun.

With these aging changes, the epidermis becomes thicker and the dermis and the fat layer become thinner. These two are mainly responsible for wrinkle formation. The dermis is mainly made of collagen fibers with elastin fibers to give the skin its elasticity. Both these fibers make a mesh like structure in the dermis and give support to the skin surface. With age, collagen and elastin reduce and the support starts to break down. Moreover production of new collagen and elastin slows down. This makes it easy for any skin change such as wrinkles to appear easily and become permanent.

We make facial gestures. We smile, raise eyebrows, move eye muscles, stress on forehead skin while concentrating. We make many actions with our skin and as we age, with the support giving away, these changes become etched forever on our face. They are wrinkles. Smokers pull the puff. We may sleep on one side every night, making wrinkles on one cheek and do many such acts that make wrinkles. After thirties, these changes start becoming permanent on the skin and give an old look full of wrinkles.


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