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Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Treatment

Treatment of Squamous Cell Cancer

Surgery to remove the cancer is the treatment of choice. The treatment will however depend upon a variety of factors including size and location of the lesion, type of tumor, and age of the patient.

Radiation therapy is an effective option for many tumors, especially large lesions on the nose, lips, or eyelids, and for those who can not undergo surgery. The radiation destroys the tumor cells along with some surrounding healthy tissue. Cryosurgery, is also useful in some cases. This method uses liquid Nitrogen to remove the cancer. The wound created by the procedure usually heals within 4 weeks.

Surgery however is considered the first choice.In surgical excision, a marginof healthy appearing tissue is removed long with the tumor to reduce the likelihood of recurrence. A specialized form of surgery, called Mohs micrographic surgery is sometimes done, especially with large tumors with poorly defined edges or on areas of the body where the scar outcome is more important.

In this surgery, the cancerous cells from the healthy looking margins are carefully removed.

Squamous Cell Cancer

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