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Scabies: Facts

Facts About Scabies

  • Scabies can affect anybody. It is not true, that only low income people get it. Scabies is a contagious condition and is invariably caught by contact with another human being.
  • If you develop very bad itching especially at night with small bumps, you can suspect scabies.
  • In children, scabies may affect any part of the body. In adults, scabies commonly affects warm moist areas and skin folds- around nipples, groin, buttocks, elbows, wrist, between fingers, etc.
  • Pets do not spread scabies.
  • All items used by the patient must be cleaned with very hot water, or sealed in a plastic bag and kept away for two weeks. The mites will die. The house carpets, furniture, etc., must be vacuumed thoroughly.

Article created on: September 12, 2006

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