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Rosacea: Facts

Facts About Rosacea

  • Rosacea is also known as adult acne. Rosacea and acne may appear similar but otherwise there is no relation between the two.
  • Those who have suffered from significant acne, or have a family member who has suffered from significant acne or rosacea may have greater tendency to get rosacea.
  • Women are more prone to get rosacea then men.
  • Rosacea is related to heredity.
  • Rosacea skin is very sensitive.
  • Spider veins may cause redness of the skin in rosacea. These veins can be destroyed to reduce redness. However, if the skin has developed permanent redness due to repeated flushing, the redness may be irreversible.
  • Many rosacea patients have an eye problem: redness, irritation and grittiness called conjunctivitis. It should be treated immediately.
  • Rosacea patients should avoid every thing that flushes the skin. Hot drinks, caffeine drinks, spicy food, sun exposure, etc. should be avoided. All makeup products that can cause any irritation should be avoided.
  • Men may suffer growth of the nose. The nose become bulbous and red (this condition is called rhinophyma) because of overgrowth of sebaceous glands. Women may also suffer from this problem.

Article created on: September 12, 2006


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