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Treatments: Finasteride


This medication is normally used for men in the incidence of benign prostrate enlargement. As it gives good results in men with hair loss, men can also use it to regrow hair. You have to take pills of this medication. It is easier to take the pill after crushing it. After you begin taking finasteride pill, you may see hair growth after some weeks. The dose will depend on individual case and your doctor will decide that. Note that once you stop taking finasteride, your hair will stop growing. The effect lasts till you take the medicine.

Caution And Side-Effects:
Men should discuss about finasteride with their doctor for hair loss and take it accordingly. Some side-effects of finasteride may include symptoms such as headache, dizziness, skin rash, breast enlargement or tenderness, etc. You must discuss about all the possible side-effects with your doctor before you begin taking Finasteride. Please report to your doctor immediately, if any unwanted side-effect occurs. Women, who are trying to become pregnant or are pregnant, should keep away from the pill or the crushed powder as it may cause birth defects in male fetus.

Article created on: June 28, 2006

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