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Dermabrasion: Procedure

About The Procedure Of Dermabrasion

Before your doctor undertakes this procedure for you, he/she will find out about your medical history. This will include finding about any active skin problems you might be having. If you have herpes simplex, acne, rosacea or any such problem, you may have to wait till that problem resolves. Your scar forming tendency is considered. If you have keloid forming tendency, you may not be a good candidate for dermabrasion. If you are taking isotretinoin tablets, you may have to wait for some time after you stop taking it. For those with history of cold sores or herpes simplex, an anti-viral treatment may be prescribed.

The procedure may be conducted in your doctor's surgery or hospital setting. For small areas, local anesthetics are used, while for larger areas, general anesthesia is preferred. The time of procedure will also depend upon the total area to be abraded. the doctor will remove skin to the extent so that the abrasion reaches the depth of the scar or wrinkle. That will ensure removal of that problem. Your doctor will dress up the wound and give you instructions about after-operative care. You may feel stinging sensation, swelling and red skin for some days. You must report every side-effect to your doctor. As the new skin grows, you will feel some tingling sensation. Keep yourself protected from the sun as much as possible to avoid pigmentation problem in the treated area in the first three months.

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