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Collagen: Factors Of Suitability

Factors Of Suitability

Not everyone can receive bovine collagen injections. Some people may be advised to take human collagen injections and some may be advised against any form of collagen injections. The doctor takes the decision depending on each person's medical history.

If you have a personal history of severe allergic reactions or in your family, you may be advised against bovine collagen. In case of doubt, your doctor may test you for allergic reaction to bovine collagen by injecting a very small amount just below the skin of your forearm and observe that site for reaction for a month. If you are taking any blood thinning medication such as aspirin or are allergic to local anesthesia, you may be advised against both bovine and human collagen. Your doctor will check your complete medical history and decide if you are fit to take collagen injections.

Article created on: June 24, 2006

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