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Chemical Peeling: Superficial

Superficial Chemical Peeling

Mild or superficial peels are carried out with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). These acids are natural in origin but now most of them are being synthetically manufactured. The popular acid for mild peeling is glycolic acid.

Effects Of Mild Peels:
A mild peel is usually done to improve sun damaged skin and reduce roughness, remove dead skin from the skin surface that allows fresh skin to grow faster, remove very fine skin lines, etc. This kind of peeling can only superficially improve the skin appearance by removing the dead skin cells from the uppermost layer of the skin. This treatment also helps in controlling acne. Sometimes, mild peeling is performed to prepare the skin for medium depth or deep peeling. Mixed with bleach, this peel will also treat some uneven pigmentation.

About The Procedure:
This treatment generally takes about ten minutes during which the doctor applies the peeling solution to your face. No protective covering is applied over the treated area and you can go to work after getting treated. Your doctor may apply this peel at weekly or other suitable intervals. The normal strength of AHA such as glycolic acid for mild peeling is normally 12%. You may be given a maintenance cream of an AHA in lower concentration to be used every day at home.

In the beginning of the treatment, AHA peels may cause some redness, irritation or stinging. As the skin adjusts to the peel, these effects disappear. With your skin maintenance program at home, you will get a different fresh looking skin after some days. The results may not be immediately visible. Sun protection is necessary with this treatment. Don't expose yourself to sun without taking adequate protection. For more details, please consult with your doctor.

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