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Botulinium Toxin: How It Works?

How Botulinium Toxin Works?

To understand how Botulinium Toxin works, it is important to know how the lines and wrinkles form. Imagine exercising any part of your body. The muscles will gradually become stronger in that part. Similarly, when we make a facial expression, the muscles form lines and the more we use that expression, the more the lines get stronger. After many years, the lines become permanent. With a botulinium toxin injection, the muscles get relaxed and don't show any lines. The paralysis of muscles is used to relax the muscles totally and treat the lines and wrinkles. It is difficult to treat the laugh lines around the mouth, because the muscles are used for important functions such as eating.

Procedure Of Botulinium Toxin:
In this procedure, the doctor injects a tiny amount of Botulinium Toxin in the muscles. You will have to keep your head straight for about four hours, otherwise the toxin may spread to surrounding muscles. The toxin takes maximum up to two weeks to show effect and the process may need repetition after three to six months. The pain involved is only of the injection and the procedure does not take much time. With repeated injections, the muscles get relaxed forever and after some time you may not need the injections.


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