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Botulinium Toxin: Overview

Botulinium Toxin

Botulinium Toxin (popularly known as Botox) is a purified toxin or poison that is used in very small amounts to paralyze the muscles to treat wrinkles. Botulinium Toxin is mainly used to treat lines near the eyes, forehead, neck bands etc. Botulinium Toxin can change the apperance in a short time with very little discomfort. Lets find out how a toxin is used medically to give a youthful look.

What Is Botulinium Toxin?
Botulinium Toxin is a toxin. This toxin is produced by bacteria most commonly known to cause a type of food poisoning- botulism. If you take Botulinium Toxin orally, all your muscles will get paralyzed. This toxin is purified and injected in very small quantities to paralyze or relax the muscles that have deep wrinkles in them.

Types Of Wrinkles Treated By Botulinium Toxin:
This toxin is mainly used to treat the wrinkles called crows feet near the eyes- the vertical lines between the eyebrows and on the bridge of the nose. Sometimes, it is also used to remove the muscle bands on the neck.

Botulinium Toxin injections are not for pregnant women or breast-feeding women. They are also not to be given to anyone with neurological disorders. Before getting injections in your neck to remove the muscular bands, discuss the details with your doctor.

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