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Hair Removal: Many Choices Including Pills

Hair Removal- Many Choices Including Pills

Hair removal has come a long way. In early times, women used to pluck the hair out. Today, prescription pills are used to remove hair. It is indeed a great step forward in treatment of this problem. It all began with plucking, to shaving and to waxing. After that modern science began offering many choices.

The first was electrolysis. In electrolysis, an electrical probe destroys the hair root. This is a slow process but along with thermolysis, it gives good results. Depilatories arrived around the same time. Use a cream and dissolve the hair. The only problem is that hair removal with depilatories is not permanent.

Then came laser. With laser, you can get hair removed from the most difficult places on your body forever. Laser does need some precautions, but the results may be very good.

Then it was the turn of prescription pills for women. Pop a pill and watch your unwanted hair disappearing slowly. Of course, the pills have to be taken under medical supervision and work only for hair that grows due to some specific problems in women.

Then came the cream made with eflornithine hydrochloride. This cream is especially designed for women to reduce unwanted hair on the face. Apply the cream over a period and remove the hair forever. Indeed a great leap forward for those who suffer from unwanted hair.

Article created on: August 12, 2006

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