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Hair Removal: Electrolysis & Thermolysis

Electrolysis & Thermolysis

In these methods, a fine probe is inserted in the hair follicle and the follicle is destroyed permanently. These methods, if carried out correctly, promise permanent hair removal but that does not happen everytime. The results depend upon the skill of the technician. These methods are also very time consuming and painful.

In this method, the fine needle is inserted in the hair follicle and direct current is passed. This current makes a chemical called lye or sodium hydroxide. The hair follicle gets destroyed by the lye and is pulled out.

In this method too, a fine needle is passed in the follicle. But instead of direct current, alternating current is passed in the needle. This current creates enough heat to destroy the follicle.

Blend Method:
In blend method, the follicle is destroyed both by heating and by the lye at the same time.

You should look for a very highly trained technician and discuss about all the three methods. Don't try these methods for large areas, but smaller areas. This method is expensive, time consuming and at times painful. In the hands of a good technician, you will get good results and get rid of hair forever from a large area. The final results will thus depend upon the skill of the technician.

Article created on: June 27, 2006

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