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Laser Hair Removal: Are You The Ideal Candidate?

Are You The Ideal Candidate?

If you have light colored skin with dark colored hair, you are the ideal person to have hair removed with laser. With developments in lasers and cooling devices, dark skinned people can also get hair removed with laser. As lasers get attracted to the pigment, dark skinned people are in the danger of their skin absorbing laser and resulting in blisters and swelling. Before getting treated, dark skinned persons should talk with the physician and technician about the facility they have and the possible results. Similarly if you have light colored hair, you should talk to the concerned professionals. Lasers get attracted to dark pigments and are ideal for dark hair. Light hair such as blonde, etc. does not attract much laser. With new developments, these shortcomings are getting removed.

If your skin is tanned with sun or artificial devices, you will have to wait for laser hair removal till your tan fades away. Tanned skin is difficult to treat for hair removal because tanning disturbs the pigments of the skin and such people can experience skin discoloration or blistering. If you have a history of cold sores or herpes simplex, you should inform your doctor. Laser hair removal may flare herpes simplex again. Your doctor will prescribe appropriate anti-viral before you get laser hair removal done. Also be careful if you have any viral or bacterial skin infection. Wait till that resolves. For vitiligo patients, laser can cause more lesions. It is also true for psoriasis patients. If you have a tendency to form keloids, talk to your doctor before undergoing this treatment. If you are taking oral isotretinoin or are using any topical retinoids, speak to your doctor before getting this treatment done. Generally doctors want people to wait for a year after taking isotretinoin before they undergo laser hair removal. Before this treatment, you should avoid all methods of hair removal such as plucking, electrolysis or waxing. You can consult the laser technician about use of depilatory creams and shaving before the treatment.

Article created on: June 21, 2006

Laser Hair Removal

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