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Hydroquinone: Hydroquinone & Skin Bleaching

Hydroquinone & Skin Bleaching

Hydroquinone is one of the most popular skin bleaching agents. It is widely used for removing skin spots, melasma, scar colors, etc. Hydroquinone removes the excess skin color in two ways:

  • It stops further production of melanin (the skin color pigment).
  • It breaks down the existing excess melanin, on the spot to be treated.

Before you try to understand how hydroquinone or any skin bleach works, you should know about skin color and how excess color is formed. Skin gets its color due to a pigment called melanin. Melanin also gives color to hair. When there is more melanin on a particular part of the skin because of some scar or sun exposure, that part of the skin darkens forming a spot. You will want to remove such a spot by bleaching. To know more about skin color, click here - skin color

Hydroquinone removes the excess melanin from the spot and stops production of melanin on the spot. Hydroquinone formulations have to be used carefully. Overzealous use may lighten the spot compared to the surrounding skin. If hydroquinone does not give good results within a month, consult your doctor. Kojic acid is another bleaching agent that may be suggested by your doctor. Know more about Kojic acid

Article created on: August 12, 2006

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