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Syphilis: Detect It Early To Save Your Life

Syphilis- Detect It Early To Save Your Life

Syphilis is caused by bacteria. Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease(STD). If anybody comes in sexual contact with a person who has sores of syphilis, he/she will contact syphilis. The first precaution - watch for any sores on the genitals of your partner.

Syphilis develops in stages. The first phase may occur any time after 10 days of contact. The patient will develop small red bump/bumps on the genitals. These are painless and easily ignored. These bumps are also called chancre. These chancre get ulcerated soon and get resolved even without any treatment. But the bacteria remains in the body.

The bacteria will now cause the second phase of syphilis after about three weeks and within three months of first stage resolution. In the second phase, the patient may develop red rashes on palms, soles and genitals. The patient may also develop sores on the mucous membranes. These mucous patches are red, raw and can develop inside the mouth, genital area, vagina and anus. The patient may also have fever with joint pain. Sometimes the symptoms of second phase may be very subtle and may be ignored as another condition.

If the disease is not treated in the second stage/phase, it goes into latency. After that, it can again show any time after three years. This phase is dangerous and involves many body organs. If not treated, it may also lead to death.

To save yourself from syphilis:

  • Use condoms.
  • Avoid relations with multiple partners.
  • Watch for the signs of syphilis.
  • Get screened for STDs regularly.
  • Note that if you get syphilis diagnosed in the early phases, it can be very easily treated with antibiotics.

Article created on: August 07, 2006

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