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Stretch Marks: How Do Stretch Marks Form?

Formation Of Stretch Marks

The stretching of skin is not the only culprit in forming stretch marks. Also responsible is the inability of the skin to make more collagen and elastin to support the stretching. This happens because of increased level and activity of the hormone- glucocorticoids. These hormones prevent the fibroblasts in the skin to produce more collagen and elastin. As the support is lacking down in the skin, the skin tears. This tearing also affects the epidermis and it also becomes thin. If the skin had had support for stretching, it would not have tore.

In fair-skinned people, the problem of stretch marks is more than in dark-skinned people. In fair people, the condition begins in pink color and later changes to red or purple. As times passes, the marks turn white. With time, they fade but may not disappear fully.

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