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STDs: Causes

How Do You Contact STDs?

Most of you are worried about how you contact STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). This anxiety makes your life miserable. Even after taking all precautions you are worried that something will cause STD. That is why you will find many questions such as- will holding hands cause a STD? Is this small bump a sign of herpes or genital warts? etc. Knowing more about how STDs are contacted will be of use and relief to you.

Facts About STDs?

  • STDs are caused either by a virus or by bacteria.
  • Diseases caused by bacteria can be easily cured if the signs are seen early and diagnosed. Examples: chlamydia, syphilis, etc.
  • Diseases caused by viruses are difficult to cure. They are managed whenever the outbreak occurs. Examples: herpes, genital warts, AIDS, etc.

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Article created on: August 24, 2006

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