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Psoriasis: Treatment Of Psoriasis

Treatment Of Psoriasis

Psoriasis has no cure. Whenever you get episodes of psoriasis, you can be treated to clear the same. After that it may recur in weeks or years. No one can predict that. Your doctor may choose any of the following treatments.

Topical Steroids:
Steroids are one of the common medications for psoriasis. Strong steroids should not be used for a long period. Your doctor will tell you about the applications. Psoriasis patients prefer steroids because they are much cleaner to apply than messy coal tar applications. For severe cases of psoriasis, coal tar applications have to be used. Steroids, though much cleaner in use and highly effective, cannot be used for long. They thin the skin and lose their effect if used for long. Steroids are not a medication that can be used for long time without worrying about the consequences.

Coal Tar Applications:
In this application, refined coal tar is used in different forms. You get creams, gels, sticks and ointments. Your doctor will decide if you need to use coal tar applications. One has to take care while using coal tar applications before going out in the sun as they can cause sunburns.

Anthralin Or Dithranol:
This is an effective medication for psoriasis. It may be sometimes very irritating. Using it on body folds or face is not advised. Similarly, fair skinned people should not use it. Your doctor will guide you about the use.

Vitamin D Analogues:
The recent additions are Vitamin D analogues, which are used topically. They are not recommended to treat patches on face. These compounds may cause some irritation in the beginning but that clears after some time.

UV Treatment:
Psoriasis responds to UV treatment very satisfactorily. You may be treated with UVA, UVB or PUVA. They are all different ways of getting exposed to UV radiation. This cannot be done at home and you will have to go to a facility to get this done. Your doctor will guide you about the treatment and other aspects.

The sun is also good for psoriasis treatment. But you should first talk to the doctor about the total time of exposure in the sun otherwise damaging sunrays may create other complications.

Oral Medications:
There are many oral medications for psoriasis. They are used only after the failure of topicals. Oral medications can cause many side-effects such as liver and kidney functions and some are potent immuno-suppressants. Your doctor will closely monitor you while giving you these medications.

Rest & Relaxation:
Psoriasis has some relation with stress. If you rest and be stress-free, psoriasis responds well.

Similarly, you must use enough moisturizers or emollient creams to keep the plaques soft, and stop development of very dry skin and more itching.

Article created on: July 2, 2006

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