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Hives & Angioedema: Symptoms

Symptoms Of Hives & Angioedema

Hives appears as red swellings which are firm to touch. Hives is of two types- acute and chronic. Acute hives resolves in less than six weeks while chronic hives can last for a much longer period. Angioedema look similar to hives but the welts are deeper and form near the eyes, lips, genitals, feet, hands, and throat. Hives and angioedema often appear at the same time and the cause of formation is the same in both - release of histamines.

Hives resolves within twelve hours maximum. If you keep watch on a hive, it will have disappeared in twelve hours. But till the condition itself does not resolve, new hives keep forming at different locations. Angioedema are quite painful compared to hives.

If swelling appears inside your mouth or throat, you may find it difficult to breathe. Serious allergic reaction such as anaphylactic shock can involve your hearts or lungs. You may feel dizzy, light-headed and even begin losing consciousness. In such cases, you should seek emergency medical attention. If you get hives, consult your doctor about the complications in detail. Not everyone suffers complications, but they do happen.

Article created on: July 30, 2006

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