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Hives & Angioedema: Causes

Causes Of Hives & Angioedema

Why are histamines suddenly released? There are many causes. Food is one reason. Most of the medications are another reason. Some infections can cause hives. Sunlight may be a cause for few people, while others may get hives due to cold. There are many causes. This diseases needs to be understood clearly. For example, eating fish may trigger hives in you, while another person may get the outbreak because of something else. All the people who suffer from hives have to try and identify their triggers.

Let us summarize the common causes

If you eat anything that can trigger hives in you, it will happen within two hours of eating that food. Sometimes people develop hives within minutes of eating that particular food. Many foods can be a trigger to cause hives. The common foods amongst them are fish, chocolates, eggs, milk, nuts, etc. Preserved foods can also cause hives. Cooked foods have less chances of triggering hives than fresh foods.

Any medicine can trigger hives. No medicine can be eliminated from the hive producing medications. The common medicines that have a higher probability of causing hives are pain killers, antibiotics, tranquilizers and blood pressure medications. All OTC preparations including vitamins and laxatives can be causes of hives. It is very important to find out what you had used before the outbreak of hives. Don't exclude any OTC, prescription medication, preparation including such harmless sounding preparations as douches, etc.

Other triggers
Some infections can trigger hives. Sunlight, heat, cold, stress, exercise and any pressure on the skin can also cause hives. Insect stings, latex, pollen, etc. can also trigger hives and angioedema.

Dermatographism means to write on the skin. In this condition, if you apply any pressure on the skin, hives or angioedema will form on that place. If you take a warm bath and rub yourself with a towel, your skin will swell in response immediately.

Article created on: July 30, 2006

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