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Genital Warts: Treatment

Treatment Of Genital Warts

The objective of treatment of genital warts is to remove the visible warts. This possibly reduces the chance of transmission of HPV virus. Genital warts can be removed at the Doctor's office or topical treatment can be used to treat them at home. The choice of treatment of genital warts depends upon the size of warts, location of warts, number of warts, and the expense and time involved.

Genital Warts Treatment At Doctor's Office
Doctors have many choices to remove genital warts. The surgical choices include:

  • Cryosurgery - freezing with liquid nitrogen
  • Electrocautery of the warts - using electrical current to burn off warts
  • Laser - removal of warts with laser
  • Excision - cutting of the wart with scalpel

Doctors also use non-surgical methods. These are chemicals that destroy the warts. These include:

  • Application of Trichloroacetic Acid on the warts.
  • Interferon injections. These injections may cause fever, chills and headaches.

Prescription Creams For Home Use
Never use OTC wart removers for genital warts.

Imiquimod Cream: This prescription cream boosts the body's immune system to fight HPV. This cream is easy to use.

Podofilox Cream or Gel: This is another easy to use prescription cream at home.

Article created on: July 16, 2006

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