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Genital Warts: Facts

Facts About Genital Warts

  • The virus HPV is the cause of genital warts. HPV is a group of viruses. Some cause common warts. Some of them cause cancer. The virus types 6 and 11 cause genital warts. These virus strains 6 and 11 do not cause cancer. The virus that causes cervical cancer is different from the virus that causes genital warts.
  • There is yet no reliable screening method for men to find out if they carry the virus that causes genital warts.
  • A person can be a carrier of genital warts without showing any outward signs.
  • There is no medicine to remove HPV from the body. Genital warts should be removed to reduce chances of spread of transmission.
  • Women commonly develop more warts than men.
  • No sexual relation should be kept till genital warts do not resolve completely.
  • You will not get genital warts by touching warts on your trunk or hands.
  • Direct skin-to-skin contact during vaginal, anal, or possibly oral sex with someone who has this infection can spread HPV that causes genital warts.
  • Oral sex is not considered to spread HPV as likely as genital-to-genital or genital-to-anal contact.
  • Sometimes normal bumps on genital skin may look like genital warts.
  • Spermicidal foams, creams and jellies are not effective in preventing HPV.
  • Genital warts can grow in size and number and bleed during pregnancy.
  • It is not known if the virus is contagious or not after Genital warts are removed. During that time virus is latent in the skin. If no warts reappear for a year, the chances of development in future is considered very low.

Article created on: August 15, 2006

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