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Dandruff: Causes

Causes Of Dandruff

No precise cause of dandruff is yet known. Why men tend to get it more than women? Why teenagers are prone to dandruff? There are many questions about dandruff. Let us see how it forms. Our skin renews itself over a period of about 28 days. During this period, new cells form at the bottom of the skin and slowly travel upward and replace the old cells. The body sheds the old cells. This happens everyday with our skin. In dandruff, the speed at which the cells form and travel upward and replace cells increases. This increased shedding, mixed with skin oils shows as a white flaky powder and is called dandruff.

Many factors have been thought to cause dandruff. Stress, oily skin, unclean scalp, use of frequent chemical treatments, less use or over use of shampoos, etc. are said to cause dandruff. Now scientists think that a fungus called malassezia may be the cause of dandruff. This fungus colonizes the scalp in increasing number and thrives on the oil. When the body wants to get rid of this fungus, it forms dandruff. This fungus is said to thrive with humidity, oil, and sweat. There are many other factors such as stress that can multiply the production of this fungus.

Article created on: June 27, 2006

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