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Corns & Calluses: Symptoms

Symptoms Of Corns & Calluses

If you put pressure on any part of the body constantly, the skin on that area develops corns and calluses. The skin protects the body from repetitive pressure and friction by thickening itself. Corns are smaller with a hard center. Calluses are larger and develop in any shape. Calluses are areas of hard skin. Corns generally develop on the top or sides of the toes. Calluses form on the palms and soles.

Some causes of formation of corns and calluses include- ill-fitting shoes, shoes that rub a particular part of the skin, use of hand tools without gloves, wearing shoes without socks, etc. If there is a protruding bone inside, that place is more susceptible to form corns, because the skin protects the bone by becoming thicker.

Article created on: July 11, 2006

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