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Cold Sores: Symptoms

Symptoms Of Cold Sores

Cold sores is also called fever blisters. The symptoms commonly appear on the lips. The other places that can get affected are - areas around the lips, on or inside the nose, cheek or chin. Usually most occurrences take place on and around the lips. Small fluid filled blisters appear on the affected skin singly or in a bunch. Over time, they ooze and crust over and resolve. If the sores are severe, this can be quite painful and troublesome. If the symptoms are mild, they can be confused with chapped lips, pimples, etc. Happily the recurrent episodes are milder than the first in most of the patients.

A phase called prodrome is present before the blisters appear. A day or two days before the appearance the affected skin may tingle, itch or pain. After that, the blisters will appear. The signs appear after about three weeks of contacting the virus. The blisters resolve within about ten days of appearance. After the symptoms resolve, the virus goes to the sleeping stage inside the body. It reappears as active cold sores, whenever the virus is triggered.

Article created on: August 24, 2006

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