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Cold Sores: Causes

Causes Of Cold Sores

Cold sores form because of contact with anybody having oral herpes and virus transmission. Virus gets transmitted through mucous membrane or a cut in the skin. Once the herpes virus enters the body, it multiplies rapidly. This causes the first episode of oral herpes. After that, the virus finds a safe place in the body and stays there. After it is triggered, it goes back to the oral area and causes active cold sores again. The phase when the virus is inactive is called the sleep period or latency. Herpes is caused by two viruses- HSV1 and HSV2. Cold sores normally form because of HSV1. Even if you contact HSV2 in your mouth area, cold sores rarely form. Cold sores has episodes. The first episode will appear within three weeks of contacting the virus. The later episodes occur whenever the virus gets triggered. It is considered that sun exposure, stress, illnesses can trigger the virus from its sleeping stage.

Article created on: August 24, 2006

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