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Chlamydia: How Not To Get Chlamydia?

How Not To Get Chlamydia?

Prevention is better than cure. In case of STDs, this proverb is very appropriate. A STD is easy to treat in the beginning and very difficult at the later stage. STDs cause a lot of mental and social distress. Chlamydia is one of the common sexually transmitted diseases. Find out how to prevent it totally.

Chlamydia is also called a silent disease because the symptoms appear very late in some people. The affected people may not be aware that they have contacted chlamydia. An affected person sexually passes on a bacterium that causes this infection to his/her partner. The question is, how to enjoy relationships without contacting chlamydia?

Chlamydia- How Is It passed?

If you look inside your mouth and observe the skin inside, you will find that it looks different from your body skin. This skin inside the mouth is called mucous membrane. The same kind of membrane covers your genitals and anal cavity. When this mucous membrane comes in contact with any secretion of a chlamydia patient, the infection is passed on. If you prevent the mucous membrane from coming in contact with any secretions of an affected person, you can prevent contacting chlamydia.

Chlamydia- Action For Prevention

If you have a new partner and are not sure about his/her health, what would you do to prevent getting chlamydia if your partner is a carrier?

Don't allow any contact between the mucous membranes. Therefore avoid oral sex of any kind. Kissing will also spread chlamydia. Indulge only in sex protected by latex condoms. Regular screenings of STDs is always helpful. Consult your doctor about tests to screen you for chlamydia and other STDs.

Article created on: August 14, 2006

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