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Body Piercing

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Body Piercing

Body Piercing Safety

Piercing different parts of the body is fun. It shows a different spirit of living. But body piercing can cause skin problems if you are not careful about a few things. Please read about body piercing safety precautions below:

  • Qualification of the technician is important. Is he/she board certified? For how long has he/she been doing piercing? Any certificates? Please make sure that you are getting piercing done from a professional who is experienced and knows his/her job thoroughly.
  • Do they use sterile needles of surgical quality stainless steel. Do they wear gloves during the procedure. Do they change the gloves as they go through the steps of the procedure? Hygienic piercing is very important. A reused needle can transmit an infection to you. Ask about these issues and make sure that you do not get any disease.
  • Find out about the healing time. Depending upon the site of piercing, the healing time may vary. Navel takes lot of time to heal. Are you ready for such a long time for the piercing to heal? If yes, go ahead.
  • Choose piercing jewelry that will not cause any allergies. Using stainless steel, titanium and other such metals will keep you safe.

Article created on: August 01, 2006

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