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Skin Color: Melanin Formation

How Is Melanin Formed?

Melanin, as we have seen in the overview, consists of microscopic pigment particles that give the skin its color. Melanin also defends the skin against sun damage. As the sun rays strike our body, the UV rays begin damaging the skin and produce more free radicals. Melanin stops the damage to the skin by sun. It helps us fight skin cancer.

Melanin is formed by melanocytes - the cells that are scattered in the last layer of the epidermis. This layer is also called the basal layer. Melanocytes manufacture melanin and send it across to other parts of skin in a pack. This pack is called melanosome. The skin cells absorb these melanosomes and melanin is extracted. Melanin surrounds the DNA in the nucleus of the cell and protects the cell against sun. Sounds confusing? Let us only remember that melanocytes form melanin and this pigment gives color to the skin and protects it from sun.

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