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Sensitive Skin: Cosmetics For Sensitive Skin

Choose Cosmetics Carefully If You Have Sensitive Skin

Many times your skin becomes sensitive because of some skin problem. Rosacea, dermatitis, etc. make the skin sensitive. On the other hand many of you feel that your skin is sensitive all the time. You are afraid of using any product on your skin. What are the choices for people with sensitive skin in using cosmetics? Let us explore.

Any cosmetic that may cause an allergic reaction should be avoided. Latex and nickel are common allergens. Check if your cosmetics have any ingredient that may cause skin allergy. You may be knowing about what causes allergy to you. Before buying cosmetics, read the list of ingredients carefully and avoid the allergic products.

Use more of powder cosmetics. At least, you will be avoiding all the irritating liquids. Use cosmetics that contain minimum perfume. Look for the label- fragrance-free. Don't use any cosmetic that needs a remover. Most of the removers contain acetone, which dries the skin. Go for water soluble cosmetics.

Look for the labels- Hypoallergenic and Non-Comedogenic.


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