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Vitiligo: How Does Vitiligo Develop & Progress?

How Does Vitiligo Develop & Progress?

Vitiligo can develop on any part of the body, at any age and in anyone. Though it is believed that exposed parts of body have higher chances of developing Vitiligo, it can appear anywhere. Color of skin does not affect the probability of getting vitiligo. Similarly, it can strike both the sexes and at any age. It is estimated that in about one-fifth of the cases, other family members may also have vitiligo. As vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder, its patients are monitored for other autoimmune diseases such as thyroid disorders, alopecia areata, etc. You should talk to your doctor about this in detail.

Vitiligo begins with a small area of lighter color, which slowly turns to a white patch. Many patches can also develop at the same time. After some time, the discoloration may stop and then restart after some time. Some people may lose all the skin pigment. The hair also loses color at the site of vitiligo. The cause of vitiligo is not known, but it is thought that either the body destroys the melanin or it destroys itself. But the result is loss of pigment that protects body against sun damage.

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